1.    Print off this page.
2.    Fill it out. Detach the bottom half of the packing slip (the "return form" that came with your order) and fill out your return information on the front. Include the quantity and a reason code for each item you are returning.
3.    Box it up. Using a durable shipping box, package up your return merchandise with original packing, if possible, and include the return form. Seal securely.
4.    Ship it. Ship your return by completing the following:
          A.    Cut out the Merchandise Return Label above.
          B.    Write your return address in the space provided in the upper-left corner of the label, after the word "FROM."
          C.    Affix the Merchandise Return Label securely to your package.
          D.    Take the package to your nearest post office for delivery. No postage is necessary if the package is mailed from within the United States.